Château Wedding France

Château Wedding, South of France, September 2016

Villa Baulieu is a beautiful and exclusive Château situated in the South of France. Since its construction, the greatest Provencal families succeeded one another here, all of them paying attention to preserve its history and heritage. Today as well as the Chateau there are several guest houses, swimming pools, tennis courts, vineyards and extensive manicured grounds, making it an ideal venue for an extended destination wedding.

Villa Baulieu

Lavender & Rose (L&R) design, plan and coordinate tailor-made wedding experiences in the south of France for an international clientele. SALUT have maintained a close working relationship with L&R for several years and in September 2016 we worked together for the wedding of a Los Angeles based couple at Villa Baulieu. All guests were flown-in from the West Coast of America to join SALUT in an action packed night full of dancing.

SALUT’s weddings range from over 1,000 guests to intimate occasions with less than 50. Destination weddings, those being held in different continents to the couple’s home, often have guests in the double figures and this was one such example. It is a different challenge for the band to entertain an intimate crowd and it’s vital to make the show more personal, ensuring every guest feels involved.

SALUT’s number one objective when we are hired for a wedding is to make sure every single guest is smiling, dancing and feels part of the interactive experience. Our singers and musicians pride themselves on having the talent and charisma to ensure this with any crowd. One of the most important qualities is being able to instantly change the set to suit the energy in the room at that exact moment. Although the band will have a setlist pre-planned, our repertoire is such that we are able react to ad-hoc requests or change the energy instantly. SALUT have become well-known amongst wedding professionals for this unique skill and recently Style Me Pretty, the world’s biggest wedding blog asked for SALUT’s opinions on “How To Get And Keep Your Guests On the Dance Floor”, which can be read below.

You can see the full wedding video below:

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