Guernsey Wedding

Watch out Gurnsey! SALUT are coming, the island may rock! Thankfully the island didn’t rock, but Ross & Jennifer’s wedding sure did! From the moment our private jet-(ish) landed on the island, SALUT were treated like kings by all the lovely locals. The wedding reception took place at La Bella Luce, a historic Norman manor house just minutes from Guernsey’s stunning coastline; it proved to be the perfect setting to experience a real Guernsey wedding.

As guests arrived and enjoyed the venue’s own distilled gin, our very own Russel on guitar & Jermaine on saxophone played the couples favourite jazz numbers. The evening wedding party was excellent. After the couple romantically jigged to “All The Time In World” by Louis Armstrong, the party took-off and the intimate venue came into it’s own. Guests jumped around with our horn players, sat on our drummers lap and even sung the odd song. It was an incredibly personal wedding and one SALUT enjoyed thoroughly from start to finish. As often is the case, at the end of the night, the wedding party wouldn’t let the band leave, so we stayed and played for as long as we possibly could before getting 2 hours kip and heading back to London. Thanks Gurnsey, we hope we didn’t wake the whole island!

The guests at Ross & Jennifer’s wedding enjoyed all our performances. So do you want the same energy and happiness at your wedding? contact the best wedding music band now.

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