HP – Global Conference – Madrid

Madrid, Spain - December, 2017

An account of this amazing event from a SALUT singer –

DING! Thats my alarm going off at 4am. This only means one thing. SALUT on tour again. Here we go! After loading-up onto the bus from our studio, we’re off to London Heathrow. The band are all in great spirits, it’s a typical freezing November morning in London and news has broken that Madrid is 15 degrees warmer We arrived with wall to wall and headed straight to the venue for a soundcheck. Tonight we will be performing in Europe’s largest conference centre, for HP’s yearly get-together. They use to hold this in London’s Excel Centre but the chief event planner tells me it is now too small so they have moved the 10K plus employees to Madrid.

The huge warehouse is dressed and themed as a music festival with several sound stages, many food & drinks stalls as well as various entertainment areas. SALUT were fortunate enough to be the chosen headline act on the MainStage. with some incredibly bands from around the world performing before us (including a gospel choir, a cuban band and a sound american street party band.

After soundcheck and a brief chill at the hotel, we headed to our greenroom to relax before the show. This is always a moment I enjoy – the calm before the storm. Many bands wonder-off individually putting earphones in or call their partners. Not SALUT. No matter how small the greenroom, or how tired the band, we always play games and bond. After a few hours of green room cricket, stagehands came and grabbed us indicating it was showtime. We were told the crowd had been responsive but it was our job to deliver an unforgettable hour and make sure the whole 3 day events ends with a real BANG.. No pressure chaps. We walk out on the enormous stage and looked out to the sea of 10,000 faces… ONE TWO THREE FOUR screamed our MD and Jackson 5 – I want you back started…

THANK YOU WE’VE BEEN SALUT… that was the quickest 60 minutes ever! What fun on stage eh!? What a gig! Time to go home, have a whisky and sleep. The next morning after a quick relax by the pool we head home to the gloom… Lucky we are back with you in March, Madrid. Ciao!

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