Indian Wedding at Premier Banqueting

Indian Wedding, Premier Banqueting, London, August 2015

This was a UK Indian wedding with a twist and a lot of added pressure. They say the ultimate compliment is being chosen to perform at the wedding of another wedding professional. The groom, Ravi, is the owner of the 500-capacity Premier Banqueting facility and oversees more than 100 weddings and events each year. He naturally had a complete vision for his special night paired with exacting standards having organized an event at the venue for Boris Johnson (then Major of London) the week before.

Premier Banquetting

The wedding’s theme, “A Night at the Circus”, was at the center-point of every creative decision. A wonderful three tiered, custom-built stage was installed for SALUT’s 13-piece band and DJ. However, before SALUT could take to the stage an assortment of Cirque Du Soleil performers including acrobats, stilt-walkers and fire dancers wowed the 400-seated guests. SALUT’s bride & grooms often have supplementary performances at their weddings and we are totally versatile in adapting our times and performance and even providing live backing music where required. The band is also happy to integrate specialist dancers or celebrity singers in the performance. SALUT perform at many Asian weddings and as often works best, after the band’s performance, a DJ plays Asian music ensuring the party continues long into the night!

Below you can see the couple’s wedding video that was made by London-based Zenith Cinematography. The wedding video market has hugely expanded in recent years with the advancement of affordable high-end cameras and today we observe a huge range in styles and formats. Super-high quality short movies can now be created documenting a couple’s journey. This example tells their story over a number of different days and locations from the proposals right through to the final wedding celebrations.

You can see SALUT in action from this night in the video below:

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