The Savoy London

Wedding Extravaganza, The Savoy, London, October 2015

SALUT have been lucky enough to perform in all the esteemed London hotels such as Claridge’s, The Dorchester & Grosvenor House, names which are synonymous with luxury, style & exclusivity. They all boast comparably stunning ballrooms with a rich history and previous client list. Amongst SALUT’s favorite London hotels to perform at is The Savoy. For many around the world The Savoy is the trademark London hotel and its ballroom, which can be hired yearlong for weddings, just feels “different” from the rest. It is not the largest room by any means, capped at 300 seated guests, but as the far wall gives way to its famous raised circular stage draped with trademark green curtains it gives the feel of an old London West End Theatre and adds that “wow” showbiz factor.

The Savoy

During an event day, SALUT are often working on-site for 12 hours and if not performing will be in a greenroom area. This is used for the band to warm-up, arrange the set, eat, get changed and recover (the party show is an exhausting 2 hour work-out). The Savoy’s greenroom is large, glamorous and leads right onto the stage, making it quick, easy and convenient. Unless a venue was originally a theatre or live music spot, it is unlikely they will have a permanent stage or greenroom and this is certainly a factor to consider for our wedding clients who often hire a stage in. SALUT have great staging contacts that can arrange this and have a huge variety of affordable options. A stage has many uses during a wedding reception, for example; a visible platform for the cutting of the cake, the bouquet flower throw and a great place for all speeches to take place. Where there isn’t a permanent greenroom, SALUT are placed in an appropriate vacant space the hotel have at that time which is commonly a small conference room.

You only have to look at the walls of the greenroom that proudly show prints of the stars performing on the ballroom’s stage to feel privileged. Over the decades the likes of Marilyn Munroe, The Beatles and the The Rolling Stones have all entertained here. For the band and our couples alike this proud history gives a feeling of warmth, nostalgia and inspiration that is transcended today resulting in some of the best wedding parties SALUT have been part of.

On this particular evening in October 2015, the wedding’s theme was “A Night At The Oscars”. Several times a year we meet clients who wish to craft a SALUT show from scratch. This usually involves learning many new songs, performing boutique sets with additional performances taking place throughout the afternoon, over dinner and into the evening. This can take months of planning and hard work, with the client working closely with our band manager.

The hard work paid-off and the boutique SALUT shows dazzled guests on the beautiful SAVOY stage which benefitted from brilliant additional lighting, turning the room into the red carpet scene from The Oscars.

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